As a DJ for over three decades, I have gotten a lot of weird requests in my career -- A LOT! I'm not just talking the obvious song or birthday shout out requests either. Of course there's always the lost dog/cat-up-a-tree calls -- even relocated a dude and his ladder that had fallen off of his truck into the middle of the road once.

Every once in awhile, we get correspondence asking for serious help. One that sticks out in my mind most is when we hooked up a young lady with tickets and backstage passes to meet Shinedown in the Yakima Valley SunDome when her father was going through cancer treatment.

Sometime last year, I got a call into the KATS studio from a man who basically wanted to put out an APB (All Points Bulletin) on his brother. I told him that, legally, we couldn't interfere with a missing person case and it must be handled by the proper authorities. The caller's name was Matt and he said his brother wasn't missing he just wanted to get him to come visit him in Australia where he lived and he knew that his brother, Barry, listened to KATS-FM. After clearing that up, I put him on, recorded his call, sent him an MP3 copy of it and promptly forgot all about it.

Until today... Upon checking my email this morning,  I received a message with an attached photo that read:

You may not remember this - it was some time ago.   But I was the guy who called the show asking for help to get my brother to visit Australia.  

Well...   HE DID!    

Barry came down early December 2019 (so some months ago, before COVID stuff thankfully) and we had a great time.

Attached is a photo with me and the family (Barry is next to the Koala in the grey T-shirt)

Thanks again, we still play the radio bit from time to time for laughs.   Stay healthy mate. 

Warm regards,

Matt"To say that this is one of my my most happily odd requests I've been able to be a part of fulfilling is an understatement.Now, Barry... When are you coming on the show with me and Timmy to berate your brother into coming up to Yakima?!?!Cheers!

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