By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Macy’s plans to close 150 of their retail stores nationwide due to numerous factors. (If this is new news, I’m sorry to be the one to have to break it to you, and you can read more about it here).

This news is horrible; no way around it. But many in the Yakima Valley are more focused on… us! Rightfully so.

Is Our Macy’s Location In Union Gap Set To Close?

To the best of my abilities, I could not find a public list of stores set to close, with the exception of the five that were previously announced last month (locations in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Virginia).

white building

I reached out to a handful of employees at the Valley Mall & Macy’s, and they informed me that the Valley Mall location is set to stay open.

With Macy’s shuttering nearly 30% of its stores, let’s keep our fingers crossed that ours is one of the higher-performing ones that will stay in business.

Shopping mall building and parking lot

There are currently 22 other store locations in Washington, including stores in Bellevue, East Wenatchee, Kennewick, Tacoma, Spokane Valley, Vancouver, Lynnwood, Richland, and Tukwila, among others. For more information on stores in Washington, click here.

News of this move from Macy's is especially scary when you notice how Outback Steakhouse just pulled all of their restaurants from Hawaii, leaving many to wonder if the same could happen here in Washington? (Check that story out here).

macy's building in Union Gap, WA.

If you have any other insights or news on the situation, please reach out and send a message via our Station App.

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