While it may feel like it is, the lack of a sexual partner is not technically an “emergency.”

Which is why 32-year old Joshua Basso is in trouble after repeatedly calling 911 and requesting that female deputies come to his house and join him in the no-pants dance. After his seventh call between between August 22 and August 24 officers did show up at Florida man’s door — to arrest him.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Basso has tried to use emergency service for sexual gratification. In 2009, he attempted to get off while talking dirty to a 911 dispatcher. A recording of that call is below, but we have to warn you that Basso says some NSFW things when he’s not breathing heavily.

Basso immediately fessed up to the calls, leading us to believe he may also have a thing for lady prison guards.

He is being charged with seven counts of making fake 911 calls and one count of cracking us up.

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