Most of us have drunk dialed someone before (please don't let me be the only one). Usually it's a best friend that you just want to talk to or share a great idea that you need help funding. Maybe a fast food place complaining how they need to bring back the flat bread chicken sandwich (I've done this). Most likely it was to an ex, for a booty call, or to confess your true feelings. In fact, you know your feelings are true, because you're drunk and honest! Whoever you decide to drunk dial, don't be like 50-year-old Katrina Morgan from Ohio. While drunk, she decided to call emergency services and reported that her "junk" was on fire and she needed a firefighter to "use his hose" to put it out. If you don't know what "junk" means, well, that's why there's the "Urban Dictionary" website.

Not wanting to risk a real emergency, firefighters and police
responded to the call. When they arrived they found no fire, but they did find a tipsy Morgan who was acting a bit "randy' if you know what I mean (once again, Urban Dictionary). She resisted arrest (I'm sure handcuff jokes were made). After Morgan was eventually apprehended, she was charged with a felony count of disrupting public service as well as misdemeanor charges for making false alarms and resisting arrest.

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