Here’s a surefire way to earn a whole mess of scumbag points. An Arizona “man” recently tried to teach his girlfriend’s teenage daughter a lesson after finding a nude self-portrait on her cell phone. His idea of punishment and discipline? Sending the shot out to nearly 40 of the contacts stored in the phone. He did so to ‘teach her a lesson.’ We can’t even joke that Eugene Foster just took himself out of ‘Father of the Year’ contention, because it’s not even his daughter that he humiliated with such an ill-advised stunt.

According to AZ Family, Foster, 31, was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor, per Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff’s office. They should throw a count of ‘jackass’ onto the charges, as well. Foster remains in custody.

Foster’s action sent school district officials into reactionary mode. They contacted parents, asked them to delete the text and advised having discussions about the illegality of the transmission of nude photos of minors as they pertain to federal child porn laws.

Despite the arrest, investigators do not think Foster was trying to “exploit” the child. He was just trying to embarrass the crap out of her and do some, you know, serious psychological damage.

Whatever happened to just farting in a car full of her friends? Like our dads used to do.

[Via AZ Family]

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