Imagine if you will... you are sitting at work, and your phone makes the alert sound. It turns out to be a text message. You think, "Awesome, just what my brain could use, a distraction!" Oh no, you realize that you don't have this person saved in your contacts! Who could it be?! You tap your screen and read the message. OMG, someone misses you... do you miss them? Who are they? You start to wonder, if it could be your lost love from high school? The cute red head you passed at the grocery store? The barista that you flirt with all the time, who has access to your royalty membership, and she finally decided to break the rules, look into your private information for your phone number, just to send you a message that could lead to a long fulfilling life of love!? Then you realize... your married and have enough friends that you don't need a mysterious new one. But lucky me, here's a link to find out who my secret admirer is! That happened to me earlier this week.

Lucky for me, I didn't click the link. I'd like to think I'm smarter than that, no matter how tempting the mystery is. But in the world of touch screens, I can see how many people would "accidentally" click it, when they wanted to close the message flat out. The text message I got was from the phone number 1-470-654-1515 and read:

i miss you... remember me? I'm just a few miles away from you according to this... Check me out here (LINK)

A simple google search of the number, and yep, it's been reported many times. I asked a couple of my friends, and sure enough, they have a secret admirer too, in fact, one had the same admirer as me! I thought I was special! That two-timing *******! A word to the wise, if it looks weird, unknown, too good to be true... don't click on it! Don't send any money, and if they do actually call you... JUST HANG UP!


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