I can understand this reaction for a moth or even a spider. I mean, who hasn't walked into a spiderweb, only to instantly become a karate master! But for a fly? That must have been one annoying fly. At least that would kind of help justify why the Frenchman in his 80's burned down his house late last week.

A report from Sky News states that a man in his 80's burned down his house last Friday! Well at least part of his house. Why? He was trying to take out a fly! Did he go all Arnold Schwarzenegger with a flame thrower? Nope, he was using one of those battery operated electric swatting fly swatters. The fly got to the kitchen where the annoyed amateur exterminator followed suit. Unfortunately, he had no idea that a gas cylinder was slowly leaking inside his Parcoul-Chenaud, Dordogne home. You guessed it, between the electricity of the fly swatter and the gas, an explosion took out his kitchen, as well as a good section of his roof, making his house currently uninhabitable.

Luckily, the unnamed man escaped the explosion with just a burn to his hand. His house is being repaired by family members while he stays at a local campsite. No clue if the fly survived. For more tales of WTF, make sure to tune into Todd & Timmy, every week day morning to 94.5 KATS on your FM dial, or download the KATS App and take us whereever you go!

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