When I first heard of the store “Geetaku Market”, I had no idea what to expect. So, I did some asking around and internet sleuthing and got an idea of what would be in store when they officially opened their doors in June.

Well, for some reason, I was dumb and confused, and missed the grand opening they had on Saturday June 3rd. When I realized I missed it (by seeing a video that they posted on their Facebook Page giving away a Nintendo Switch to one lucky customer who came in on Saturday), I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, so I headed down to their 2301 W Nob Hill Blvd location!

Geetaku Market Yakima, Washington

If you are shopping for fun stuff featuring anime or video games, you have a handful of options; 1Up Games on 24th & Nob Hill is a great location. GameStop is still good, but their selection has narrowed. Ron's Coin & Collectables & Central City Comics (E-Burg) are great when it comes to manga, "nerd swag," and collectibles, but I am thrilled to add another store to the mix. The fact that this store specializes in fun and fancy drinks adds something unique and awesome!

Gettaku Market Shelf, Yakima Washington

When I walked in, I saw a store that was cute, super clean, well-organized, very welcoming and the staff that was amazingly friendly! I introduced myself and asked if I could take some pictures (below) and talked to them about their grand opening.

They were blown away by the support and response they got from the community. They believed over 200 customers showed up on Saturday alone, and were extremely grateful. He told me about the plans for more inventory and to expand on their manga selection and other ideas for the future. Being a new store, you have to crawl before you walk, and walk before you run. But with the friendliness of the staff I talked to, I have no doubt that Geetaku Market is going to be around for the whole marathon.

A Peak Inside 'Geetaku Market'!

We took a peak a couple days after their grand opening, took some pictures, talked with the staff and got a Prime Minister power drink! I'll be back!

Gallery Credit: tsm/Timmy!

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