Now I know what you're thinking. You just got that stimulus check and you're feeling all kinds of RICH! You might even have a wild hair and want to rent a luxury home on Airbnb. Well, sit down because you're gonna need a lot more than a $1400 check to rent this bad boy! Try two checks and a half, and that's just for the weekend!


I have seen some gorgeous homes available for rent on Airbnb, but this estate takes the cake! It's a luxurious rental located on Mercer Island. And did I mention you will have the entire place to yourself?


What I love the most is the view of the backside of the home, as seen from the dock. I need a house like that in real life! This place has that upscale, eloquent, and wealthy vibe that I want to have going on. I'm just going to go ahead and say it, this place is wayyy out of my price range. That is of course if I just wanted to have it all to myself and not bring along any frenemies.

Just a two-hour and fifteen-minute drive from Yakima, this Mercer Island hidden gem on Airbnb is loaded with your own heated hot tub, a pool, of course, a boat dock (that reportedly fits up to five boats), and its own private beach. You can't smoke in the house and no pets in the pool. There's even video Ring doorbells in the front and back of the house, so you can keep out those randoms and lookie-loos.

Feeling lucky in the bank? If you can afford it, you can rent this place for up to 28 days in a row or longer.


Rent this place and you get your own waterfront, your own private beach, and access to the big a** lake, so BYOB (bring your own boat). More like, bring your own boatload of money! Other amenities include a Keurig machine, private entrance, and 5 bedrooms, but don't worry, there's enough sleeping spaces for up to 12 people to sleep if you count the bunk beds.

I must say, that the private pool looks like a dream come true, and the backyard view overlooks the lake. It's so pretty! Take me there, Calgon!

"Fishing, lounging, tanning, diving, or just chilling - all possible! The commercial dock is so big you can dock at least 5 boat(s) here."

It's a trippy and awesome Mercer Island place, right?! Check out more pics of the Mercer Island beast of a getaway here.

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