In today's age of Playstation and Xbox, there are still some of the older folks who reminisce of the bygone era of arcades. The good people of Arcade1Up are releasing a few arcade machines that you can buy for your home that come pre-equipped with a few games each. These are stated to be 3/4 of the size but work just as well as the original. I had the chance to check one out in person. Here's what I thought.

First of all, they're small. Like, smaller than expected. It lists it as being 3/4 the size, but this looked more like half the size. Playing this as a 2-player game will be a snug squeeze for both players.

Pulling up a drum stool and powering it on, I was actually surprised on how crisp the screen was. I'm very happy about that. The buttons were classic arcade 'clicky' so you knew if you were for sure pushing the button or not. No quarters needed so I just pressed the one-player button and was on my way.

The first thing about items like this is if there's a lag. If there is, it's pretty small. Either that or I suck at this game. I think there was a bit of one but wasn't enough to bother me. I was still able to pull of my moves just fine.

I want to say that Street Fighter 2 in our arcades had more of a stick for a joystick while these have the bulb on top. Again, not a huge imposition but those looking for a perfect Street Fighter 2 experience may notice this, too.

All in all, I like them! This one had three versions of Street Fighter 2 in one machine but there are a few other machines available. They go on sale to the public later this month. You can check out for where to preorder yours and if you need more information.

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