The Yakima Valley is always growing, with new stores opening and becoming a staple in the Valley we get excited to see our home grow. However, there are still a lot of stores we've been dying to see come to Yakima.

So we did a poll and found the top 5 stores we're dying to see come to the Yakima Valley. We'll go over this list and explain why we wanna see them come to Yakima, along with that we'll also accept new suggestions and update the list moving forward.

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5.) Dave and Busters

The go-to birthday spot for nerdy adults, Dave and Busters is a huge franchise that focuses on its arcade-style games, amazing food, and strong drinks. it's a great place to get away and bring back those fond memories of collecting tickets at chuck-e-cheese and turning them in for prizes.

4.) Crumbl

Crumble Cookies is getting a huge reputation around the PNW, people argue that the price is well worth it for how delicious the cookies are. They have a variety of different styles of cookies from old-school chocolate chips to raspberry-filled snickerdoodles. Lucky for us they do plan to open a shop in Yakima but the question now is when?

3.) Chick Fil-A

If you love chicken sandwiches then you'd love Chick Fil-A, as if you hadn't heard of it. This giant fast food business is a favorite for a lot of people. Crispy fresh waffle fries and delicious chicken sandwiches leave you craving more. They've expanded quite a bit and have multiple locations in Washington but sadly, none in Yakima.

2.) Jersey Mikes Sub Sandwiches

Sure we have a subway, Jimmy Johns, and a few other sub-shops in Yakima, however, something about Jersey Mikes is just so darn good. A variety of different combos for the sandwiches you can get hot or cold. The best part is everything is cut fresh including the veggies and meats. Some of the meats they throw right on the grill and make fresh as well.

1.) Trader Joe's 

The most wanted store in Yakima is without a doubt Trader Joe's, they have a special inventory of foods, drinks, and other self-care products. People go absolutely nuts over their products, so much so they'll drive to the west side from Yakima just to pick up special groceries. Now that's the dedication that should be rewarded, we'd say we all deserve a Trader Joe's in Yakima.


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