Last week, the town I grew up lost one of the good ones. My friend Scott Lounsbury sadly passed away in an motor vehicle accident. It might seem like I'm late to do a write up about the incident myself, but actually knowing him and having him in my life, I wanted to give some time for it to sink in. I've read some different stories, that called him a Naches "Icon". While that does fit, I always saw him as the town's "Mascot".

Now some people might get upset with me using the word "Mascot". Please don't, I use it with only the most love possible. I've met "Icons" and they've turned out to be not so nice people. Scotty (that's what my family & I always called him) couldn't be nice if he tried. Not that I've ever seen anyway. Every time he was around, he was always smiling, eager to help, and had a joke or an impression. Someone that just radiated positive and goodness. I also considered him our town's mascot because you would see him EVERYWHERE in Naches. I grew up there, and lived in my small town till I was 21 and moved, my dad still resides there, and every time I would visit, I'd see Scotty either walking down the street, or riding his scooter all around town. He was a great friend to the family. He always offered help to my dad & I with whatever was needed while we ran sound system during the annual Sportsmans Days festivals. He was great bass player as well and performed with many bands. In fact, the picture above is of my cousin Danny Cochran (right) on guitar and my brother Chris (middle) on drums playing side by side Mr. Scott!

It is with a heavy heart and extreme sadness we report the untimely passing of our Department and community Icon, Scott,...

Posted by Naches Fire Department on Friday, November 13, 2020

Naches will be doing a form of celebration of his life this Saturday (November 21st) at 2pm. Because of the current COVID situation, the celebration will be taking place outside at the Naches Train Depot, including a small funeral procession including fire trucks. This is very fitting and awesome, since Scotty's 2nd home was right along with the other Naches Fire Fighters. R.I.P. Scotty! Love you, miss you, & thank you!


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