There seems to be two type of people: People who love pho and people who have never tried it. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup full of unique flavors that's great any time of the year. We have a couple of great places in town in Pho King Crab and Famous Burger and Teriyaki and, soon, we'll welcome a new location to get this.

The place seems to be called Why Not! The question in the form of an exclamation, apparently.

There's no word on when this place will open, yet, but the location is next to Nino's Mexican Grill at Westpark on 40th and Summitview in the old Subway location.

I'm very excited for this as it's right across the street from our radio studios so when the pandemic lifts and we're able to dine-in, it'll be wonderful. In the meantime I'd have no problem getting it to go.

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