“Persistence is the most powerful force on earth, it can move mountains.“
Albert Einstein

When Albert Einstein said that unforgettable quote, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about people signing petitions and writing comments in a gigantic digital forum just to get restaurants and businesses to open up where they live!

There have been so many instances where an idea has sparked talks, eventually leading to action!


Not to toot my own horn, but I like to think I had a hand in a particular restaurant finally coming to Union Gap! I know it wasn’t ALL me, but my ego begs to differ. And who was the first to start demanding a WinCo, Five Guys, or Cabella’s Sporting Goods in our city? We eventually got each of those.

Sometimes, the companies themselves ask where the people would like them to build next, and in this instance, Albert’s quote works, too. If enough of us comment, maybe we can bring Trader Joe’s to town!


Looking at the map of all the Trader Joe’s locations in Washington, they have a HUGE gap in the middle (where we are). The closest ones to us are in Spokane, Vancouver, and Kent. Not very close!

The Company is looking to expand, and in the "Contact Us" section of its website (TraderJoes.com), there is a submission form you can fill out to request a new store in your hometown, "Request a Trader Joe's in My City."


If enough of us fill that out, we could be in like In like Flynn!

Do we need a Trader Joe's in Yakima? Would you even shop there? Tap the App and let us know!

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Viral Trader Joe's Foods

TikTok is the biggest social media platform right now and Trader Joe's finds are constantly going viral there. Here are the most raved-about items you can find at Trader Joe's.

Gallery Credit: Gianna

Are These the Best Products at Trader Joe's?

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. That was the first time I had ever heard the words Trader Joe's a few years ago. My friend was raving about this stuff. The store sounded intriguing. I read more about Trader Joe's and I thought it was a health food store with a bunch of products I would never put in my mouth. This place did not sound appealing to a super-picky, Midwest-comfort food-eating gal.

My doctor suggested I monitor my sodium intake, which led me to Google 'low sodium foods." An article about the topic featuring Trader Joe's low sodium products popped up in my search. The included list was long and a lot of the food sounded like something I'd actually eat. But, was it going to taste good?

I've been having to visit Rochester, MN every few months and told Google to take me to Trader Joe's. I was picturing a huge store, like a warehouse club, with a modern look. I was way off. In Rochester, Trader Joe's is located in a strip mall with a couple of other businesses. It didn't look like a fancy, hip, Gen Z kinda joint, which is what I had in my head. It seemed small. As a matter of fact, it looked old, like it had been there a while.

I was greeted with a massive display of fresh flowers. I had no idea fresh flowers were a Trader Joe's staple. As I walked through, I carefully read the labels of several products to suffice my special, low sodium diet. I had a cartful of products to try and my bill was under $80. Not only were there several products I was willing to try at Trader Joe's, they were reasonably priced. The Trader Joe's business model is based on no frills so they can provide the best products for a low price. I like that idea. I don't need fancy, I just want low prices.

I am now a Trader Joe's convert and I know what all the hype is about. Here are some of my favorite products.

P.S. Cookie butter did not make the list.

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown

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