There is a new fishing tactic that is all the rage right now down on the Columbia River.

Every year fishermen go to great lengths to find the latest "secret" bait or fishing tactic for the fall salmon season.

Scents, tuna in oil, tuna in water, plugs, special colors, you name it, we've all spent money chasing rumors.

This year, a 3.5 sized spinner partnered with an 11 inch rotating flasher is the go-to set up for guides.

Not just any spinner, though.

Hildebrandt spinners with copper blades and a pink stripe are the go to pattern for the relatively light weight spinners with a hoochie over the top of the hook.

In fact, tried and true methods have not worked at all this season.

Hover fishing, trolling plugs or the usual spinners aren't working as effectively as in year's past.

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