Are you one of the 52% of people that are a "sharer" of the most coveted of passwords? One of the leeches of society? One of the many that yell at lazier people to "get a job" but then you log in on your father-in-law's account? Well, I can honestly say, I have been in the past, and probably will be in the future. In all fairness, I still subscribe to the DVD by mail part of Netflix, so they're getting my money in some shape or form. While I've used a family members account before, it's a sharing process. They have used my Disney+ and or Hulu accounts in the past. The nice part is, thanks to a new study, it's now proven that I'm not alone.

According to the study conducted by Kill The Cable Bill, almost half of the users of Netflix are honest, and some would say greedy people. 47.5% of Netflix subscribers keep their passwords more secure than the inmates of Orange is the New Black. That means that 52.5% of the people paying for Netflix are sharing the account with someone else. Now before you start thinking that people are just handing out their credentials to anyone who might be up Schitts Creek, the study found that of that 52.5%, the biggest group that dealt with sharing (25.6%) was with family members (not immediate family). Sharing the password with a friend ranked in at 17.7% and the category I've fallen into is the 9.2% where the sharing takes place with a child that does not live at home (thanks father-in-law).

8. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

With all the sharing going on, it's no reason why more streaming platforms are working on ways to block the sharing process, while others are just raising prices. The question I have, and was not addressed in this study, does this research take into account the actual "accounts" per subscriber or just the subscriptions? Going back to my admission of using my father-in-laws account in the past, my wife (his daughter) had her own profile/account on his subscription tier which allowed for 4 profiles. We don't live with my in-laws, so are we still part of that 9.2%? Or is this survey looking into a subscription with 4 profile tiers being used by 40+ people? If I'm ever able to find those answers, I shall let you know!


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