Like every other teen or pre-teen that hasn't had the camaraderie of their schoolmates for the last four months, my 15-year-old-son, Drew, is pretty much going stir crazy.
He doesn't have his driver's license yet, obviously, so he is relegated to his bicycle for now but, alas, even that can get tiresome. Drew has basically grown-up as an only child (his half-brother is 11 years older than him) so he has always been able to occupy his time and isn't the typical "I'm bored! There's nothing to do!" type of teenager. Until recently.

You see, Drew LOVES playing sports, ESPECIALLY baseball. He had just made the Junior Varsity as a Freshman at East Valley High School until you-know-what reared its ugly head. It's been hard for him to even practice, let alone play, his favorite sport.

To the drawing board or, in this case,! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how quarantine/shelter-in-place/stay home orders have basically turned me into an Amazon Prime ho. I have further proof.

While my wife and I are getting to the age where we are starting to de-clutter our lives, buying a big-assed net to set-up in the backyard wasn't exactly high on our priority list but, hey... the things we do for our kids, no? Besides, I really do feel sorry for all of the students who have gotten shortchanged by COVID-19 protocols.

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I told Drew I'd order a backstop/hitting net for him but he had to pay for it. He put out flyers in the neighborhood offering his services with yard work and such. A super-friendly neighbor took him up on it and had him lay sod and spread gravel at his new house for a couple of days. Drew earned enough to purchase his highly coveted new "playmate".

This was him yesterday breaking it in for the first time. If you are anything like me, there's nothing quite like the sound of the 'ol hickory meeting the hide!

Play ball!

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