The Northern Giant Hornet, most popularly known as the Murder Hornet, was one of the bigger fears that popped into the news big time in 2020. The first cases in the northwest happened in December 2019, but they didn't really hit people's radars until later. Maybe we were so distracted by the shutdowns, essential workers, toilet paper shortage, virus, etc. By the time we heard about giant hornets, most people's "give a rips" were just done.

I always felt like the murder hornets were wasted. They hit the news hard for a week, and after that, they just fizzled out. They've been around with a few sightings here and there over the past couple of years, but not much. Well, now, a report from the Tri-City Herald states that there have been no confirmed sightings of the Northern Giant Hornet in 2022, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture. This news also includes British Columbia and Canada.

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Where did they go? Did we only have those few nests? Did people find them fast enough and report them in time? Were we able to stop the threat before it became something for EVERYONE to worry about? Will they come back? These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night, at least until the melatonin kicks in.
As I tend to do, my brain wanders, and it went to the idea of, "If the murder hornets aren't here terrorizing people in Washington… what could they be doing?" Keep scrolling to see what I believe they could be doing.

NOTE: If by chance you do see an actual nest of these Northern Giant Hornets, contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Where Are The Murder Hornets?

After the Washington State Department of Agriculture announced that there were no CONFIRMED sightings of the Northern Giant Hornets, aka Murder Hornets, it got me wondering... what could they be up to?

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