So Friday afternoon, I spotted this guy in the car next to me, (don't worry, my wife was driving, so I could safely take the picture). Now, by all means, this post is not meant to shame him (I assume it's a guy, for many reasons). This post is just to share the many random thoughts I had in my head at the time of our mutual stoplight wait at the corner of Tieton & 16th.

First off, even though it probably would have made his drive home (if that was his desired destination), I applaud this man for not having a truck. Being a truck owner myself, I know the old Spider-Man motto "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", and having a truck, means you have a lot of friends needing you to help move stuff. Usually big and heavy stuff. So, kudos to him, not falling into that trap. I also admire him, and the guts that he had to take on this moving adventure by himself, with a car. (Another reason I believe this was a guy, my wife would have made me find a truck to move this big thing). The object looks to be flat, and the car's top is rounded. Add possible wind gusts and driving at an average of 35 mpg, that's quite risky.

Now here's the main thing, and my wife and I are a little split on this. How many straps does this guy use? You can clearly see the back one. Once again, smart idea for him to put the strap on the inside of the door, allowing it to open, instead of doing a "Mr. Bean", and wrapping the strap through the window. But is there a front strap? I think I see one in this picture, my wife said that it is the shadow, and she looked closer as we passed him, no strap, just him holding on to it. The amount of confidence in him holding it, especially weak handed (assuming he's a righty, because most are, unless you're one of "Todd's Chosen People"). Not to mention, the tension he must have felt, not wanting to let go, but also dealing with the near 90 degrees heat that we had. You can see that his window is rolled almost all the way up, leaving only enough room for an arm, so the air-conditioner must have been doing its best.

Those are the thoughts that popped into my brain. The questions that came up are a little more simple, what is it he's moving & did he just not have another strap? Where was his friends/family to help him move it? Maybe have the shotgun passenger hold onto the other side, just in case. Would the police consider this a "secure load"? If they did pull him over, would he be like "Secure load? Check out these guns!" as he flexed? Was it indeed held down another way that I didn't see and it was just him doing the whole macho "I got this" attitude. In fact, the only thing that would have made it better, is if he had a lit cigarette in his fingers while he held it. You know, took one puff, then started driving holding on to his cargo, forgetting that he had to hold on, so the cigarette is slowly burning out, while he silently cusses himself for wasting a smooth one. When it is all said and done, I hope he and his cargo got home safely, and when they moved it into the house, they didn't accidentally drop it.

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