As we continue through the holidays, families will be gathering together, and they will need something to pass the time. In a lot of families, board & card games can bring people closer together. Share in laughs, in strategy, in mutual hatred of Monopoly. In fact, Monopoly really only ends one of two ways, either "this sucks, lets do something else" or "F*** You Grandma You're Cheating!" Some families will go to the darker side of gaming with Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens. The most popular game in my family has served many purposes. As I grew up, it helped me learn colors and numbers, it taught me strategy and how to screw over friends (even if using back to back draw 4's & draw 2's & "Stacking" is against the rules, according to Mattel's social media). That game is UNO!

One thing that can cause an argument in any gathering, and UNO does not want to be any part of... POLITICS! They have just released "UNO NonPartisan". It gets rid of the red & blue cards, so no one will get offended by the colors adopted by the republican & democrat parties. (Let's be frank, if colors trigger you, please turn the news off and go outside). It replaced those colors with purple and orange, but yet still kept green. Did anyone tell Mattel that their is a political party bluntly named "The Green Party"? Besides the color change, the only notable addition to this version of the famous card game is a type of trump card (sorry, I couldn't resisit), it's more of a veto, "No Politics" card, which will void any other action card laid down. Check the new card game out here.

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