Today Todd mentioned that it has been more than 60 days since we have seen the grass on our lawns.

Normally, I don't mind a few flakes. I'll grill no matter what time of year it is and as recently as a few days ago ...


But after having to knock several inches of snow and scrape ice off my vehicle for what seems like the millionth time this winter, I have finally reached my limit.

I'm done. No more for me.

The ice these past few mornings has put me over the edge!

As I look in the freezer these days I imagine it has a few fillets of chinook hidden under the bag of tater tots. Oh, that sweet smell of plank-grilled salmon. I love a good spicy rub topped with brown sugar.

Or better yet, salmon brined in teriyaki and brown sugar that gets smoked over hours and hours. The smoker is covered in ice right now.

Gas, smokers, charcoal -- it doesn't matter. My mouth is watering just at the thought of it.

Of course, I do love the taste of campfire barbecue. Pine or whatever limbs of wood you find lying around can perfect any pork steak covered in Texas-style spicy molasses-based barbecue sauce. I don't even mind the occasional campfire hot dog, though I can't stand them at home, grilled or not.

There isn't much that can match the slow-and-low heaven that is brisket smoked over mesquite chips. Salt, pepper, red pepper, paprika and cumin and minced garlic soak into the meat. I throw on a few other spices as well, but garlic is the most important.

Now if we can just have some warm, dry days that a person can stand to cook on the deck and enjoy themselves.

The sizzle of the meat, the drizzle of the garlic-infused seasoning over a ribeye ... Oooohhh, you can have your Babe of the Day -- give me the fresh cut T-bone of the day!

Carne asada over shredded cabbage on a flour tortilla wouldn't be the same without the charred crispy edges of the meat warm from an open flame.

Oh, this spring I am going to catch a mess of rainbows and wrap them in foil with butter and lemon, salt and pepper with a hint of dill. Fun for the whole family and memories of eating what the kids catch! This is what I want out of life, not a snow covered patio and grill and smoker.

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