If you are a rock hound, you might already know about the rarest of gems found only in the Pacific Northwest but if not, you'll be surprised to discover this rare gem in Ellensburg.

It's called Ellensburg Blue and it's the 3rd rarest gemstone in the world.

It's called E-blue and people hunt left and right to find it. The big deal is that the gem is only found in the Ellensburg area making it even rarer to find.

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The Ellensburg Agate is "cornflower blue" and once polished is quite beautiful. You can purchase it in pendants and all sorts of jewelry but it's even more fun to hunt for it in the wild.

Here's a video showing off the beauty of the Ellensburg Blue

If you want to hunt for this rare gem, it's not as easy as you think to find it. It mainly can be found on privately-owned land so you'll need to ask before you go rock-hunting.

The gem is hard to locate but there is one location in Ellensburg where you can hunt for the rare gem on your own.

It costs $5 to hunt for the rocks at a place called Rock n' Tomahawk Ranch which is covers over 200 plus acres.

You'll need to make a reservation at (509) 962-2403 but it could be quite the adventure for you!

You can buy the gem in jewelry as well but it can be a little pricy.

If you are looking for an unusual rare gem, why not check out Ellensburg Blue?

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