Thursday's at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club are heating up and giving locals a chance to let their inner demons fly! Whether it is a poem, song, joke (dirty or clean), it doesn't matter, you now have a place to let your voice be heard.
Maybe it's your first time behind the mic like Alex Cottle who rocked it on July 17 talking about coming back to Yakima with a degree in film studies. Or maybe you've done your fair share behind the mic like Darrel "D-Rez" Iness who joked about life on the "Rez."

Then there are the comedians who travel and have turned their hobby into something that can make a dime. They use open mic to test material and hone their skills -- people like Bahiyyih Mudd (pictured) who jokes about all things life, work and motherhood!

It doesn't matter, if you got the guts, they got the mic! Check out their Facebook page for details and let your voice be heard at the Laugh Lounge Comedy Club.

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