I'm not saying I condone what an Oregon man did, but I do understand. LEGO toys are awesome! No matter the size of the bricks, or the format (toys, video games, or movies), I love them too. But do I love them enough to steal? No.. I don't think so. I totally get, needing to steal bread to feed a family, but to steal a Ninjago LEGO set... that doesn't taste very good, no matter how sweet that set may be!

As heard on your Daily Dose of WTF with Todd & Timmy, earlier this month, Police arrested 40-year-old Nathaniel Nixon after a bus driver spotted him suspiciously moving around cardboard boxes in the city Tigard, Oregon. When officers caught up to Nixon and searched the mystery boxes, they found a plethora of high priced LEGO sets including Lamborghini Sián, Haunted House, & NINJAGO playsets.

Lego Ninjago
Warner Bros.

Upon further investigation, the police discovered that the local LEGO store's storage department had it's locks broken and employees confirmed that inventory had been missing. No motive was given for the the theft, but Nixon is facing multiple charges, including the arrest warrant that he already had in a neighboring county. Looks like he'll be doing some time in the 'BRICK' House! (Ha, LEGO pun).

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