We all love our pets, they're more than just a pet we consider them a part of the family. But if you're a bit more eccentric than a dog or a cat you may be breaking the law with the animal you've dubbed as a pet.

It's true there are animals that could actually land you in jail if you keep them as household pets, granted it's more than likely you're in the clear unless you're trying to be the next Joe Exotic of Washington State. If you have a license to own any of these animals It's more than likely you run an animal sanctuary. If you don't, well then you're just breaking the law.

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5.) Racoons

I know what you're thinking, "Who would wanna own a trash panda?!" You'd be surprised, plenty of people find lost or orphaned baby raccoons and take it upon themselves to try and raise them. However, it's illegal and can land you with a pretty hefty fine in Washington state.

4.) Wolves

Sure Wolves are just the distant cousins of our furry-friendly puppies, but owning them is a whole other story. As puppies they're adorable, but once fully grown they can take down a human in a matter of seconds. Wolves that live in sanctuaries that you can get close to with the help of trainers are one thing, but owning and trying to domesticate an actual wolf by yourself is just playing stupid and won't work out in the end for anybody.

3.) Wild Goats

Right now you're thinking, "I know a whole lot of people that own goats, this is made up." You're not wrong, but you're also not right, the goats we see owned by others all around Washington are domesticated and bought, goats out in the wild are not allowed to be captured or turned into pets and can land you in serious legal troubles if you go out of your way to try.

2.) Bats

Some dubbed bats are just rats with wings, but they are so much more, extremely important to our ecosystem, and help gets rid of other small rodents or bugs. Bats are actually quite adorable when they're not shrieking or flapping their way through the air, but keeping them as a pet is a huge no, no. It could land you a lot of legal fines if not jail time. if you come across a bat in distress or one that needs help you're better off calling animal control so it can be mended and released back into the wild.

1.) Big Cats

Lions, Tigers, and bobcats oh my! You can't own any kind of big wild cat in Washington state, it's not only illegal in the state but a federal crime. Wildlife sanctuaries make it their mission to save these creatures and restore them to full health, also while trying to save their population. Owning or trying to domesticate these animals never ends up well, don't believe me? Tiger King is still on Netflix, that's all the proof anyone needs.

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