Looks like there aren't going to be any tears over Beastmode's absence from the Hawk's sideline this year.

The former Seattle Seahawks' off field antics, such as the tumultuous relationship with the media he enjoyed, or didn't, either way rubbed some folks the wrong way.

The majority of listeners said, "YES!" to the KATS FM Poll Question: Aren't you glad we don't have Beastmode as a distraction anymore?

In fact, 53.85% said yes. Another 23% said, "No! I would rather have a running game."

Of course, there are the realists in this highly unscientific study.

Another 19.23% decided in the end, having Beastmode on the sideline distractions and all wouldn't make any difference. Pretty telling when 19% know our running back situation "Doesn't matter, Bevell would call a pass play anyway."

Still, the #Leastmode was seen in a few comments sections on Seahawks fan pages on social media when discussing Marshawn Lynch.

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