As the old saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop." Well, with a lot of people going stir crazy from either being told to stay home or having their jobs temporarily shut down, it looks like that's happening more and more. With everything from more local robberies to traffic violations, we now get word that package thieves aka "porch pirates," are at it again. My friend Lincoln Kilpatrick, who works for UPS, let me know (via Facebook) that he has been followed while doing his rounds in his truck recently.

Just a heads up, twice in the last week I’ve been followed by package thieves ... they are out despite knowing most people are home and ordering. Morons 😆🍻

When asked if he's reported it to the police, he responded about an incident that happened just the other day.

I happen to know a detective, yes. I was delivering on his dead-end road last Friday when one that has the nickname “the grinch” came down as I was literally talking to him. Today I noticed a car that had taken a liking to me and they made contact and her story was bogus ... no packages in her car, though.

So if you are expecting some something in the mail, just a heads up, to keep an eye open for the delivery person, and give them an air hug or a six-foot distant high five. Them and truck drivers are what's keeping the world turning, not just during the scary times, but all the time.

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