If you thought "Porch Pirates" or "Stoop Surfers" were bad, imagine getting home from work, to see your packages safe and sound next to your front. You pick one up and the thought hits you, "I thought the new XBox would be heavier?" You open your gift from the delivery person and you see ... NOTHING! Well that's what happened to many people. all because of an Amazon employee in Florida.

Twenty-year-old Elvis Edgardo Soto was arrested last week and charged with a third-degree grand theft -- which is a felony -- after being caught stealing nearly $4,000 in gift cards and other merchandise and then sending customers empty boxes.

According to NBC News, he was caught when after another employee ran a report for gift cards and found they had been redeemed just hours of being issued by the facility. Amazon has reimbursed the customers who received packages full of air and has fired Soto.

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