Well when the world takes notice of a big event, the dark world does the same, and we're not talking about the 2nd Thor movie. With Marvel's Avengers: End Game smashing the box office and everything entertainment, it's natural that they would dominate the landscape of the kinkier aspect of life. After all, Rule 34 is always around. Well Pornhub has released it's stats & insights around searches dealing with the Avengers in beautiful graph form.

All and all Avengers searches started growing on April 16th and peaked on April 19th at 2,912% over the pre-April 15th average. Much higher than the 356% back when Avengers: Infinity War was released.

As far as individual character searches go, not a big surprise that Captain Marvel (who was portrayed by Brie Larson in the March 2019 release) ranked at number one with Black Widow (portrayed in the MCU by Scarlett Johansson) at number two and Spider-Man rounding out the top 3. It is kind of shocking and frightening that Hulk beat out Scarlet Witch, Gamora & Pepper Potts, but whatever helps get the poison out. Note: no stats dealing with the the "Thanus" theory were given, which is a probably a good thing.

And if you were curious, yes there has been an Avengers Porn Parody made! Here's the NSFW (language) trailer:

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