Buzzfeed has an awesome list of April Fools' Day pranks that are aimed at kids, but they can be practiced on anyone. Most are simple, inexpensive and for the most part, harmless ... until the last third of the list goes into the bathroom and can get a little gross. But it's all in the spirit of the day, am I right?

"Broken Heroes" Exhibition
Getty Images Broken Heroes Exhibit

The last time I was truly hoodwinked, in 2008, I believed a phony letter I received from a made-up homeowners association about the neighborhood wondering when the strings of Christmas lights on the chain link fence were coming down. It was a subdivision eyesore.

It got me for like 20 seconds, but still, GOTCHA. I think it smacked me because I was fired up the letter hit a little too close to the mark and embarrassment swept in. Christmas lights after April 1, you lazy piece? Really? Self-loathing is not pretty. Anyhoo ...

Militant Clowns Demonstrate At Faslane Nuclear Base
Getty Images

Grand pranks don't always have to have grand scale. And keep your guard up. April Fools' Day on a Saturday is rife with ridiculous possibilities because you're thrown off your normal routine. As it used to be said on the TV show "Hill Street Blues," "Let's be careful out there"... jesters and pranksters await their time to pounce.

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