April Fools' Day is here, so it's time for some at the expense of your co-workers or family! Do something crazy. But you have to have awesome music to listen to while you are doing it! Here is my list!At the top of the list is Led Zeppelin! I don't think it is going to rain on April Fools' Day this year, but just in case it does!


Whitesnake - 'Fool For Your Lovin'

Foghat - 'Fool For The City'

Def Leppard - 'Foolin'


Doobie Brothers - 'What A Fool Believes' [this one is perfect while you are foolin somebody! They will believe anything!'

Styx - 'Fooling Yourself'


The Who - 'Won't Get Fooled Again'

Soul Asylum - 'April Fool'

Cinderella - 'Nobody's Fool'

UFO - 'Fool In Love'

Robert Plant - 'Ship Of Fools'

John Cougar - 'American Fool'

Tom Petty - 'Fooled Again [I Don't Like It]'

Blur - 'Fools Day'

Social Distortion - 'King Of Fools'

The Strokes - 'Taken For A Fool'

Frank Zappa - 'Dancing Fool'

Doors - 'Ship Of Fools'

Nils Lofgren - 'A Fool Like Me'

Queen - 'You Don't Fool Me'

Robin Trower - 'The Fool And Me'

Twisted Sister - 'King Of Fools'

Thin Lizzy - 'Fools Gold'

Dave Mathews - 'A Fool To Think'


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