As though we haven't been through enough this past year, now one forecaster is turning our world upside down and shattering plans for what was supposed to have been a very beautiful and relatively warm Spring!

And to top it off, this lousy, if not dangerous weather forecast is coming on a weekend when most Western Christians will be celebrating their most precious holiday of the year - Easter! The Bunny is going to be severely disappointed, egg hunts will get soggy, and that planned outdoor Easter Brunch may have to move indoors. Yes, SNOW is said to be happening here in the Yakima Valley this weekend.

Trusted weather veteran, T. T. Casserole PhD., says hold your horses for a hippity hoppity spring weekend - and drag out the snow shovel and mukluks and brace yourselves for snow in the Cascades, the Kittitas Valley, and the Yakima Valley, through at least Tuesday morning.

TTC Ph.D.'s Tips on What To Look Out For This Weekend During The Storm:

1) If someone says; OMG, it's raining cats and dogs - don't believe it as a literal proclamation but instead take it as a euphemism meaning that it's raining very hard. This weekend, however, we're worried about snow, so if someone says: OMG, it's snowing cats and dogs, let them know that euphemism is being misused and that you command them, by the authority of Zeus, to cease and desist.

2) In spite of the snow, perhaps sniff around a little bit. There are some really weird smells coming out of many houses right now and you never know when another dog, er, weather expert, might be around.

3) If your human says "come here Tater and get a treeeeeeaaaaat" be very suspicious. They likely want to enclose you somewhere you don't want to be in an effort to keep you from engaging with guests, tearing up the yard, eating all of the Easter eggs, and predicting snow.

By now you've no doubt discovered that T. T. Casserole Ph.D. is in fact, my Golden Retriever - Tater Tot Casserole, Pretty happy Dog.

April Fools!

If you're celebrating Easter this weekend, may you have a blessed weekend!

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