Time to head to the lower valley and catch the picturesque sight of hot air balloons floating over the Yakima River.

September marks not only the coming of the 28th annual Great Prosser Balloon Rally, but also the height of the fall salmon run on the Yakima River.

So when you heads down to Prosser for three days of colorful balloon flights and family entertainment, make sure you throw your waders and rod in the rig.

The festival runs Friday, September 22nd thru Sunday, September 24th.

Several of the local businesses do a ton of specials and events to coincide with the arrival of tourists and valley locals. Chukar opens their doors earlier and stays open later, which is cool because they are located at the edge of the airfield on Wine Country Road and will be open from 7am-6pm, Friday-Sunday. The balloons take off from the airfield, so it's nice to stop and eat some chocolate covered cherries before hitting some of the vendors.

Friday night there will be a street dance in downtown Prosser and Saturday night the balloons will be displayed fully lit for Night Glow at Art Fiker Stadium. A downtown Prosser harvest festival will also run during the day Friday-Sunday.

For the fisherman, arrive before sunrise to find a good spot on the shoreline between the I-82 bridge and the Prosser Dam.

If you have good eggs, go ahead and use them.

If you love spinners, go ahead and use them. Just bring all of your patterns. Copper Blue Fox Vibrax spinners work good, as would the Hildebrandt spinners that have killed at the Gorge this year.

Don't forget the waders, you'll be able to hit the channel in places other folks won't go. The channel of the Yakima River wanders from each bank so, knowing where you are casting is key. Don't be afraid to hit the deep pools, I catch jacks roaming in there all time on the first or second cast.

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