Earlier this morning we received a tip that Yakima resident Ed Klingele was staging a one-man protest at the Westend Salon in "The Orchards" shopping center at 72nd & Tieton. He was holding an American flag and a handmade sign that said "I NEED A HAIRCUT".

Ed called into the radio station in an effort to get some "coverage". He said he hopes to get all small businesses to open up, not just barbers & salons. He said he felt that it's not right that salons & barbers can do their job safely but are forced to remain closed while other business (he cited a paint store) are still conducting business.

He posed a query as to why folks can go in to a grocery to shop, buy paint, but can't get a hair cut. He also comments about the police presence & what he is and isn't doing according to the law.

Check out the full interview in the player below:

How do you feel about the restrictions being put on some small businesses in our state?
Let us know your thoughts and what you are -- or are NOT -- doing at this point in time.
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