Earlier this month a man decided to be a hero! Or a monster depending on where you stand on the issue. The clip, which you can see below, shows a protest/demonstration at the Town Hall in Sydney, Australia. The members of the vegan activist group named "Cube of Truth" wore masks while holding TV's showing animals being slaughtered, all while being trolled by a man eating a chicken wing.

Onlookers walked by, some laughing, some in shock. The meat eater, went on eating his chicken with a straight face, just feet away from the activists.His actions definitely have it's opinions on both sides of the argument around the web, some stating how it's  "insensitive, childish, and lacks empathy " while some said that "he's just peacefully eating chicken and whether you agree with him or not - they should be respectful." Ever since the video first surfaced on TikTok, it's been viewed over two million times, with one comment calling the man, the "hero we didn't know we needed."

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