It's been a minute since I reviewed a new type of soft drink. (Soda, pop, fizzy sugar water, whatever you call it).

So when my friend Gloria Fry found a new variety of my favorite drink, I was all on board!

So now we have Dr. Pepper: Creamy Coconut!

Dr. Pepper Taste Testing Legal C.Y.A. Disclaimer

I'm reviewing this soft drink with no expectation of compensation (in any form) from anyone (individual or company). Gloria purchased the drink for me to enjoy. My reviewing it and name-dropping her is just a "thanks."

Gloria (or my fellow reviewer) has not been paid by anyone either.

This article is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against this or any brand of soft drinks, or hard drinks for that matter.

bottle of soda sitting on a desk. Pink coaster by it.

Taste Test of Dr. Pepper: Creamy Coconut

I might be biased, but Dr. Pepper is my favorite drink, diet, or regular.

I have had mixed opinions about the different variations of Dr. Pepper. I enjoy the Cherry flavor. I did not care for the Strawberries and cream version, but the Cream Soda version was okay.

I am not a fan of coconut (just ask my wife about it).

This drink… was pretty good! It definitely had a coconut smell and a creamy aftertaste like a cream soda, with a coconut aftertaste.

I can see me picking this up from time to time. Will it replace the original?
No. Is it a good change of pace? Yes!

2nd Opinion of Dr. Pepper: Creamy Coconut

My friend, co-worker, and fellow soda drinker John Riggs was my second opinion since my wife does not drink pop.

He went into this blind, only knowing it was a variation on a main soda brand.

As he drank it, he could tell it was Dr. Pepper right off the bat, but he couldn't tell any different. He did confess that he doesn't drink 'Da Peppa' often, so he might be oblivious.

After I told him the name, he could tell about the cream taste and felt it had more of a berry flavor than a coconut flavor, but he liked it.

nutrition facts on a bottle of soda

When I offered him more, he said no thanks and went back to drinking his can of Coca-Cola.

Final Thoughts On Dr. Pepper: Creamy Coconut

This is something Lil' Sweet should be proud of. I don't think it will last and become a permanent fixture like Dr. Pepper Cherry, but it is a welcomed addition if it does.

Have you tried it, or do you plan to? Tap the App and let us know!

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