As many area roadways and some area homes are flooding, please keep neighbors who are being affected in your thoughts.

Some of our very own have lost the bottom half of their home's contents to muddy flood waters. If you have been affected, the American Red Cross is standing by with resources to help you immediately.
Aside from the loss of property, I am also reminded that this is the time of year people get careless around our swollen rivers. Every year people underestimate the power of the currents and get in trouble. Stay off the Yakima, it is too early and too cold. Water is unforgiving and deadly.
Rivers are currently high and running much faster than you're used to during the summer from all the snow melt and onslaught of rain. The river has no problem overwhelming the strongest swimmer. Even on warm spring days when 70 feels hot under the sun, area rivers are still quite cold. Remember, here in Washington, hypothermia can occur during the heat of summer.

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