When we say KATS rocks world wide, we mean it! Yakima Valley native Eric Geary posted on his Facebook page video of him riding his motorcycle on a German Autobahn, rockin' the KATS App!

On his post he wrote "This is purely for fun and for motorcycle enthusiasts. For those that are curious as to what it is like riding on the German Autobahn, this is from yesterday. And yes, that is the 94.5 KATS App playing with Timmy! and Todd in the morning. Date/Time stamp is not correct due to a battery change on the go." - Eric Geary.

If you don't believe that he was rocking with Todd & Timmy (KATS Morning Show) in the late afternoon Germany time... check out this other video (below) with much less wind & road noise! Thanks Eric, keep rockin' & be safe!


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