Last week my brother from another mother Eric Geary shot me a facebook message inquiring on Todd & Timmy's "Impossible Question". The question we did involved a certain reason why a percentage of men won't date a woman (the answer was facial piercings). I hadn't talked to my friend in a while, so we caught up  and in doing so, he told me how he was enjoying his life in Germany, rocking and riding his bike in downtown Stuttgart . Listening to Yakima's Rock Station via the KATS App and enjoying the morning show... at 4pm! The topic of COVID-19 came up. I asked him "Is the pandemic as bad over there, as far as fear & hording goes, as what were seeing over here?" Here's what he had to say.

It isn't as bad as the US is making it out to be. We can't be more than two people per group when out in public.Restaurants are closed mostly and some non-essential stores. But other than that, people are out and about. Downtown was packed today with people. Families enjoying the sun, but keeping distance. Police patrol to help enforce the distancing rule and not more than two in a group unless it is family. Just means less people on the roads for me to go enjoy on my motorcycle.

I asked about the working situation  and if he was still working or if he was "non-essential"?

As for work, most that can telework, do. I am considered essential, so still working, but most days I telework. Only time I have to go into the office is if I have to work on something classified.

Of course, I asked what that would be, and he paraphrased that famous quote that originated in Sherlock Holmes & The Hounds of Baskervilles TV Movie. "I would love to tell you, but then, of course, I'd have to kill you."

Courtesy of Eric Geary
Courtesy of Eric Geary

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