The Yakima County Sheriff's Office and state officials are warning of a scam based around the state's vaccine lottery program. Every Tuesday until July 13 the state picks winners from the pool of people who have been vaccinated in Washington. The winners are contacted by phone but state officials say they would never ask for financial information like bank accounts or Social Security numbers. But those are the things the scammers will ask you for if you get a scam call. That's a red flag say authorities. State officials say all they need to ask you about is the information you wrote down when you received your shot. They will only ask you to confirm the information so they can get you your prize.
Some tips from the Attorney General's Office on how to protect yourself and signs that something isn't right;

The calls will come from out of state not from the state of Washington.

The callers won't answer detailed questions.

The callers want bank or Social Security numbers.

The callers say you need to pay a fee before you can claim a prize.

If you haven't been vaccinated and you get a call from someone claiming you won a prize in the Washington Vaccine Lottery. Not only will scammers call but they'll also send emails as well.
If you get a scam call or email hang up and don't click on any link in an email that could impact your computer. If you truly have a question contact the Washington State Lottery office yourself.

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