Are you into sports betting? Wagering for fun or profit? Gambling in general? I'm not. This is primarily because I can't afford to lose and I don't want to spend the rest of my life on the lam to avoid being rubbed out by the mob. Well, that's a bit dramatic I guess.

Sometimes, however, it is fun to wager with a friend on a particular game or event. As long as it's indeed 'for fun' and nobody gets their feelings hurt or is faced with having to weasel their way out of paying up on the promise, whatever it may be.

So far this season, I've done exceptionally well with my game wagers. First, JimShow and I bet on the Seahawks vs 49ers game, since he's a transplant from California. If The Seahawks had lost, I would have had to watch an entire two-hour episode of the Bachelorette. Since his 49ers lost, he spent the next morning on the air with a scorpion in our studio. Jim hates scorpions. It was magnificent watching him squirm.

Then, we teamed up against our friends and former morning show hosts on the Bull, Gunner & Cheyenne, who now do a morning show in Phoenix. While they maintain their 12's Cards, they picked the Cardinals to beat the Hawks and we wagered a case of local beer to the winner. They would have received a case of Bale Breaker - however, the Seahawks were victorious and they owe us a case of ARIZONA beer. Still waiting.

So, I have a friend who's a lifelong Jets fan. Yeah, I know, they're hard to find and hard to understand but he's a New Yorker. Question is, should I bet on the Hawks for this Sunday's match-up with the Jets? Should I risk tarnishing my perfect record so far? After last week's disappointing game, perhaps the Hawks could benefit from the additional winning 'mojo' my betting begets.

Seattle Seahawks vs NY Jets

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