You read the headline correctly, and no, this isn't an April Fools article.

This man misses an out-of-control spinning saw blade just seconds after entering his local quick-stop grocery store. 

Shane Reimche of Eugene, Oregon, was entering his QuickTrip Neighborhood Market just seconds before a runaway concrete saw blade from a nearby construction site by Northwest Natural Gas and two other companies, who was working on a gas valve.

In an interview with ABC affiliate KEZI 9, Reimche said he heard a loud bang and yelling and saw the blade coming at him.

He was able to duck behind the counter as the 4-foot spinning blade lodged itself into the side of the building, just by the front door.

saw blade in the side of a building
YouTube/KEZI 9

According to QuickTrips owner Amit Grewal, the blade was wedged 2 feet into the wall and took 3 men to remove. Everyone inside the establishment felt the impact.

Thank goodness everyone is okay. Northwest Natural Gas is conducting an internal investigation to determine what exactly happened, although they believe it might have been user error.


Reimche commented that he was (rightfully so) pretty shaken up and needed "a beer."

Not only should this man buy a lotto ticket, but he now has a story that could win him every single bar bet for the rest of his life! Glad he's okay. 

Check out the video of the incident from security footage and KEZI's story below and listen to the sound the impact makes towards the end of the video.

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