It started like any other baseball game between the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees. We don't like the Yankees and New York doesn't really care. (Plus, if you've been watching the past two games, the umpiring been questionable.)

Well, last night was the same. In the third inning, the Yankees' Brett Gardner checked his swing and drew the first highly questionable call from umpire Tony Randazzo. Gardner was walking off the field thinking that he had struck out. But, Randazzo gave Gardner the call. Two batters later Alex Rodriguez wasn't called out on another checked swing. When Mariners catcher Mike Zunino voiced his opinion (he got a little heated --,just a little) about the calls, Randazzo quickly threw Zunino out of the game.

That's when Lloyd McClendon made his way to the infield to launch an epic tirade on umpires Will Little, Mike DiMuro and Randazzo. It was a thing of beauty, He rips off his own cap. He throws and kicks his cap. He kicks the dirt. He acts out a check swing and stomps off. The fans go wild with approval! Ah, shades of "Sweet" Lou Pinella.

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