Whether you're true to the blue baseball fan or just love dogs, the Seattle Mariners have a new way to win your heart. Fans were able to bring their dogs to a special event called Bark at the Park, for an extra $10 dollars fans were able to bring their dogs to the ballpark.

During the game, fans got a special treat and were able to show off their dogs on the jumbotron. Not only did this make for some of the cutest videos we've seen but it also went viral.

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Most sports arenas focus on the kiss cam or dance cam that allows you to get on the big screen in front of an entire stadium and grab your 10 seconds of fame. If you do something extra crazy you could even make Sportscenter.

In order to celebrate Bark at the Park, the Seattle Mariners introduced the Simba Cam. They played the Lion King music and people caught on quick. People quickly began grabbing their pets and hoisting them into the air as Rafiki does with Simba in the Lion King.

Someone in the crowd captured this amazing moment and shared it with the world. Now dog lovers and baseball fans all over the country are begging for their stadiums to do the same.

Fans are now begging for more Bark at the Park nights and if I had to guess this won't be the last time we see this.


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