Last week I posed a question about what to do with an expired can of beer that we’ve had in the radio station. You can read the full article here. In case you don’t want to click, here’s a quick recap. This particular can of beer wasn’t just any ordinary beer. It was a special Limited Edition Seattle Seahawks Bud Light can of beer. It also was expired by 5 years. I asked you, the audience, what I should do with this expired Seahawk Bud Light.

The choices presented came down to 3: drink, throw away, or save it. I was all prepared to drink it and film me doing so. Anyone who knows me, knows that I really don’t drink regular beer. Not to mention beer that has aged over 5 years. (I even went and looked at a fresh can of the same brand to compare expiration dates. So I assume that the Seahawks beer was roughly 5 years and 4 months old). If I were to drink it, hopefully I’d do something funny, and hence record the video reaction.

Beer Can Expiration Dates Old & New Can
tsm/Timmy! - Canva

I got a friend ready to taste test it with me, and we were even going to get a fresh can to compare. We had a bucket ready… JUST IN CASE. Not that I thought we would need it, it’s just the last time I checked, beer doesn’t age well like wine. Time came to make a decision, so I looked at the voting results and saw the future of the expired can of Seattle Seahawk beer.

The Results Of The Seattle Seahawk Limited Edition Bud Light Expired Beer

Everyone who took the poll, thank you. And I actually mean an extra big THANK YOU! I really didn’t want to risk drinking 5+ year old beer. Winning with 40.91% of the vote, the “Don’t Open It! It’ll be worth something someday!” So that is what will happen, it will go back on the shelf for another 5 years, or till I'm really really thirsty and forget that it's old. Check out the polling results below.

Beer poll
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