As I was in Seattle the other day visiting family, I had to stop off at the gas station to fill up. Naturally, I’m a people watcher. As I’m pumping my gas, I look over to see a man, who looked to be in his mid to late 20’s, walking from the convenience store (the 76 on James St, if memory serves me right) to his car.

He started pumping his gas, and then opened something that he had carried out of the store. He put something in the inside pocket of his jacket and attempted to throw the wrapper into the garbage, but missed. His gas stopped pumping, so he put the nozzle back. Got into his car and sped off, revving his engine like a “bro”.

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I finished pumping my gas, as well as washing my windshield. I walked over to put the squeegee back, and couldn’t help but look on the ground. That’s when I laughed and had to snap a picture. I wanted to write this article, because the headline popped into my head.

“Seattle Man, Pumping Gas, Hopes To Keep Pumping Tonight”


Condom box on the ground by a garbage can.
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All I can say is, at least he is using protection. But if his aim during intimacy is as bad as his aim throwing away his garbage… I don’t think he needs the prophylactics. (NOTE: The guy in the picture below is just a random dude from the Canva Photo Archives. I'm sure he has better aim).

Condoms by Gas Station Garbage Can with a man giving thums up!
TSM/Timmy! - Canva




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