I have a huge obsession with sharks! The mystery of how they work is so amazing to me. No one really knows that much about them, and just when someone thinks they have them figured out, something new comes along. Who new that death metal music would attract these amazing creatures? Well a Discovery Channel team decided to find out!During the network's annual "Shark Week," the Discovery team decided to head out into the great wide open of the amazing sea and see how great white sharks responded to death metal. The team used a military-grade underwater speaker to play some death metal music to attract the creatures instead of chumming for them.

Sharks have the ability to pick up low-frequency sounds, and the dense tones of heavy metal evidently simulate the low-frequency signals of struggling fish.

After the team turned on the death metal, a great white shark soon arrived as if someone were ringing a dinner bell! Soon after the first shark, another one arrived, apparently lured by the same sound!

The team sounds like they are using 'Darkest Era' music. They are a killer heavy metal/death metal band from Belfast, United Kingdom.

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