You've heard of the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," right? Sure.

Well, here's Yakima's equivalent: Bark Week!

"Mo" from Brumback Law Group
"Mo" from Brumback Law Group

That's right, your dog can finally get off the couch and start earning his own keep by winning you some big-dog cash, courtesy of another local dog owner, Brumback Law Group. (That's their dog, Mo, on the left there.)

We've received several hundred entries in the competition to be Yakima's favorite dog (the deadline was noon Sunday, July 17). Next comes the voting -- the owner of the most popular dog will win $500 cash! Second place gets $250 and third takes home $100.

We'll be posting all the entries and open the voting July 20. Voting closes at midnight July 26, and winners will be announced Wednesday morning, July 27.


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