Wildfire season is here and to reduce the risk of wildfires, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has again restricted target shooting on the Wenas Wildlife Area near Yakima and Ellensburg.

The restriction, which is now in effect June 15 through Sept. 30, limits target shooting to the hours between sunrise and 10 a.m. This is a good reminder since we will be approaching the upper 90's this week.

Campers need to be prepared to find restrictions now, too.

Campfire restrictions are already in place at the Wenas in addition to the Colockum, L.T. Murray, Oak Creek and Sunnyside-Snake River wildlife areas through Oct. 15, and at the Columbia Basin Wildlife Area through Oct. 31. Fireworks and incendiary devices – including tracer rounds and exploding targets – are also prohibited to reduce wildfire risks.

These restrictions were put in place after people lacking common sense made them necessary.

Don't be that person that costs someone their homes or other property.

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