Areas of the Yakima Valley was hit with wide spread power outages Thursday afternoon.

Official reports have yet to be released on the causes, but it is widely believed to be due to fires above and around Terrace Heights.

Outages started being reported around 5:30 pm with many of the local radio and television stations being knocked off the air.

Some of them came back on to resume broadcasting, where as others are like many residents and remain without power (at the time of this writing).


According to the Watch Duty Fire App, The Marsh Road Fire is active (as of 7:15 pm 5/30/24) consuming up to 200 acres, but is reported to be 100% contained.

Watch Duty Fire App
Watch Duty Fire App

In situations like this, all we can do is sit and wait, and keep our fingers crossed for emergency crews to take care of the situation.

If you have planned a head, then you are good to go. Some of the prep you can do for a power outage includes having flash lights and candles handy.

Blankets during the winter months.


Know where you first aid kit is, in case of an accident.

Have snack foods ready.

And if you have notice, try to keep any electronic devices charged (that can be your source for light and of course, communication).

As soon as we know more information, we will let you know. If you have any information, feel free to Tap the App and let us know.

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